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A Rosbif from a Frog...
Who are these strange, these poor people who don't mind living in a rainy country ?
ENGLISH People Of Course !
These are 3 Stereotypes about the British ... from a French and "narrow-minded" person's point of view ...                 
1-British people are affected
Our neightbours from the other side of the Channel are polite. "Hello", "Thank you", "You are Welcome"... They have so much manners that we (the French people) are taken for dirty, not sociable and impolite "characters". Thank you guys ! Yes, Believe me they are affected, go in the street, lay into a British, even if it is your fault he will say "I am sorry, Excuse me ..." 
2-British people are teaaholic !
Indeed British People like, sorry love tea. They love so much tea that they created a special hour to drink it: "The Tea Time", (as they call it) at 5 o'clock P.M ... What would become an English without it ? It is not imaginable ! It is like a French without his cheese and his wine. Unthinkable !
3-British people make good music !
We can just recognize that the British have a better music than we have. OK, our music is great but from a foreigner's point of view: It is simply matchless. The Beatles, Police, The Clash... Examples are not lacking ! This is the Roc& Roll's nation after all !
British people!


  •  Very nice!   British people are very nice because when i went to England, people were very kind with me and i spent a good time with them!


  •  British cooking is disgusting ! The food in Great Britain is very disgusting and unpalatable!



  • The British humour! The sense of humour in Britain is very nice! For instance, British séries like Monty Python's Flying Circus in the BBC, or more recently The It Crowd that i have discover!


Monty Python's Flying Circus:


The It Crowd:





S2 Ep1:


British people... for the French!
I would like you to think of three different adjectives to describe British people, from a French person's point of view.
You can then develop your ideas: what are French people's stereotypical ideas of the British?