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- B2K 

Discover a new boys' band, rap style, but not as bad as they look. Talking about them could be a good idea for this end of year period. It is the type of music the pupils like, and they are approved by parents! They are very young (15 and 16) but they are clean, and even promote homeschooling, a good opportunity to introduce the pupils to this type of teaching which is more and more widespread in the US. I discovered them through this article in "Time for Kids", very simple and easy, you can even use it in primary school.....

Getting the 411 on B2K
[ simple questions, easy and funny answers, and informations about this group which differ radically from the usual interviews of groups which stress their rough background. ]

Website of the group
There you can hear some of the songs, and read their bios. (more difficult than the article, but informative. Plutôt pour troisièmes ou lycée.

Previews of the songs

B2K interviews and videos on MTV.com
[ Since I couldn't find mention of it on MTV France, I suppose the group hasn't come to our part of the world too.....how exciting for your pupils to know about a group before anyone talks about it in France!!!!]

References mentioned in the "Time for Kids" article
- 411 is the phone number to get "White and Yellow Pages information" . In everyday language, they tend to use 411 as a synonym of 'informations about'.
- "chitlins" are some kind of tripes, are part of what's in an andouille saussage. You can read all about it on this page, and discover that "Chitlin sausages are also a delicacy in France"......!!!!
As for the other type of food mentioned, you know them all : octopus, calamari...and caviar....
- Lyrics of Baby Girl
- Lyrics of Hey, little Lady
- Lyrics of B2K is Hot


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