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- End of year activities 

The end of the year is coming near, an many of you are looking for end of the year activities. Here are some ideas :
- Write a letter to next year students (from yves Gouast on e-teach)
Ask your students to write a letter summarising the work done this year in your class, and giving advices and tips regarding what they can expect to live next year with you. This will also provide you with precious informations about what your students think of the activities you have organised during the year.
- Drama
Ask your students to write and act a short play, featuring a lesson in your class. This will show you how they saw you as a teacher, and what they think of the atmosphere in your classes. Be careful though : their remarks might be rather straightforward, and you may not like it.....;)
- On Education World
a page of ideas, mainly for primary school.
the "write a letter" idea stated above comes from this page. You will find there a lot of other useful ideas for all levels....
In last year's Infonews
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