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- BBC 

[LII New This Week] from May 5 describes this page : "Highlights worldwide historical events using audio and video clips from the archives of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Browse events by date, year (1950 to present), or themes such as conflicts and wars, disasters, science, and royalty. Also include witness accounts and reports from specific BBC correspondents."
You will find there lots of information, including videos, on a precise day. You may also, especially if you teach history in English, find what you need in this impressive page of resources
and also this page for children
where you find games like:
- the time tunnel, where students have to find out what things in a picture don't belong to a specific period, and when they have found them all, they can read a little text about each object, saying when and how it was invented.
- the what/when game, where you have to place objects in a room in 2000 or in 1950.
(Those games provide some vocabulary, and help the students situate themselves in time.)
- the site which invites students to explore the life of a young girl during the 2nd World War. This interactive site is easy to use, and contains lots of information. The students can explore it autonomously, and share their findings orally in class.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2children/home.shtml ]


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