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MyPyramid.gov (from [LII New This Week] April 21)
This official government Web site provides information about the food guide pyramid released in 2005 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Includes detailed information for every food group represented in the new "sideways" pyramid (which is an update on the 1992 food pyramid); a personalized food guide based on your age, sex, and activity level; and related tips and resources for consumers, educators, and professionals. Searchable.
To learn more read the article in the NYTimes
see the full explanation on the site (take the animated tour)
Note : the quantities are in cups, this doesn't help us much, here!
and assess your need on
The global idea is not new : eat more grains, less fat and take more exercise!
You can also include this in one of your lesson or use it in a cross-curricular project.

PBS: The Meaning of Food (from the Scout Report -- April 22)
"This PBS documentary companion website on the Meaning of Food describes itself as "an exploration of culture through food. What we consume, how we acquire it, who prepares it, who's at the table, and who eats first is a form of communication that is rich with meaning." The site shares stories, recipes, beautiful images, and more under the headings: Food & Life, Food & Family, and Food & Culture. The website addresses such subjects as kosher food, the Slow Food Movement, pet food, and heirloom seeds, to name a few.
In addition, the site provides a bibliography; a simple, downloadable lesson plan for educators; broadcast times for the Meaning of Food documentary series; a small collection of cartoonish desktop backgrounds; and several related links."

California Strawberry Commission (from [LII New This Week] April 28)
The Web site for this strawberry industry association features a collection of recipes for dishes using strawberries (including large-quantity recipes for food service), information about strawberry varieties grown in California, interviews with strawberry farmers, fun facts (such as strawberries in literature), lesson plans, and other material on these berries.
[ for all those studying food or cooking, and all strawberry lovers (lots of unusual and mouth-watering recipes!
you can also add this article about the strawberries in Paris:
and this one from a vegetarian organisation based in Los Angeles:
http://www.vegparadise.com/highestperch45.html ]

Candy USA (from [LII New This Week] April 28)
Candy recipes, trivia, history, candy holidays, nutritional information, statistics, and company links. If you ever wondered how candy corn came to be, what date National Taffy Day falls on, or how much was spent on candy in the United States last year, this is the site to visit. From the National Confectioners Association and the Chocolate Manufacturers Association.
Lots of fun facts about candies, and many recipes of brownies, fudge and various cakes. Note that the quantities are given in cups.
and see all the sweet Days in the year : there are three in May, including chocolate chips day...

Driscoll's Recipes
lots of information about the berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) : where to buy them, how to handle them, store them. And lots of fun facts and recipes: pies, shortcakes, jams, frozen desserts, salads, beverages, and other dishes. From a berry grower.

Food Theme Month Links (from [LII New This Week] May 5)
A collection of links to materials about various foods, wellness topics, and holiday meals related to specific months of the year.Topics include Oatmeal Month in January, American Heart Month in February, National Barbecue Month in May, National Watermelon Day in August, and Thanksgiving meal tips for November. From the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County
[ discover that May is the month of :salads, eggs, barbecue, beef and asparagus. For eggs, see also march (Easter) to learn how to read the date on an egg carton, handle eggs, hard cook them, and of course decorate them....
http://www.aeb.org/recipes/basics/hard-cooked_eggs.htm (easy, with pictures, for beginners.)
http://www.aeb.org/recipes/basics/hard-cooked_Egg_Tips.htm (tips, for advanced)
find several other recipes in pictures online or in ready to print .pdf files (you can compare their way of making scrambled eggs to ours...)

California Vegetable production
this site will interest teachers who teach geography and agriculture. It features an interactive map of California, and for each region you can access an easy text with pictures about what is grow there, how and the problems involved. very efficient!

World Carrot Museum
An enthusiast has set up this site about carrots, with history, facts, recipes, and a page for children inviting them to experiment with carrots (could be used in primary school)
http://website.lineone.net/~stolarczyk/groundfloor/groundfloor.html (all the rubrics)
http://website.lineone.net/~stolarczyk/experiment.html (for children)
http://website.lineone.net/~stolarczyk/recipes.html (including carrot pizza!)


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