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- Video games and school shootings 

Lots has been said and recommended about this topic of firearms, especially Mickael Moore's site:
- the page of clips (including the history of America with the characters from South Park and an interview of Marilyn Manson)
- and the teacher's guide to the film
See also this page of links to Elephant, Columbine and the real facts
But here are some interesting sites for advanced students that I discovered thanks to Elisabeth Buffard on eTeach:
- about school shootings (why? statistics and advices)
- *** about violence in video games (with reference to all the last games the students know and I don't...)
See also this page of links to catégories of video games and how they work (find RPG, first person shooters and so on)
Other articles about games and their interaction with school results and social behavior
http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/ca516033.html ( meet en gamers)
http://pdfs.voya.com/VO/YA2/VOYA200502YA101.pdf (all types of games, including board games. does not include the last novelties)
http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Literacy/Play.asp (the two links above and several more)


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