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- Anti-Violence 

The Bullying Project (Education World Newsletter Vol.5 Issue 08) This site helps young people deal with the problems of bullying and teasing. [un site intéressant pour ceux qui souhaitent travailler sur la violence à l'école]

Controversy sells records, but teachers can provide the antidote to messages of hate and discrimination. Canadian Teachers Guide Deb Russell helps you with some lesson plans. Le 21 mars, c'est la journée internationale contre la discrimination raciale au Canada. Lisez l'article et explorer les liens.

Amnesty International Campaign Against Torture (The Scout Report)
"Broken bodies, shattered minds Torture and ill-treatment of women"
"Stopping the Torture Trade"
Amnesty International Campaign Against Torture
These new reports from Amnesty International have been issued as part of the organization's larger campaign against torture launched in October. The first reports on the torture and ill-treatment of women by agents of the state, armed groups, and family members. The report claims that, far from taking action to prevent this violence, governments around the world have abandoned their responsibilities and neglected to take effective measures. The second report examines the ballooning international trade in both traditional tools of torture (e.g., leg irons and shackles) as well as newer electro-shock devices and other "non-lethal" weapons. The report reveals how torturers have been trained through the transfer of military and security training and makes a number of recommendations to governments and corporations on methods they can pursue to eradicate torture. Users may download both reports by chapter or in their entirety in .pdf format. [MD]
[ des documents très intéressants sur le site d'Amnesty International: http://www.amnesty.org/
Voyez par exemple en détail le cas de Thomas Nevius.


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