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- Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 24th this year. You can find resources on Infonews and on the académies de Paris and Versailles pages:
and here are some new addresses:

Thanksgiving Wordsearch (Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer, Wednesday, October 19th)
Pass the gravy, throw the football, celebrate freedom, and don't forget the cranberries... They're all here on this upper elementary printable wordsearch with a Thanksgiving theme.

A Pilgrim Conversation (Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer, Wednesday, October 19th)
Using online resources and pictorial references, students will be directed to proper quotation techniques. They will also complete an assignment on creating a dialogue between Pilgrims, using the Mayflower Passenger List and a picture prompt.

Thanksgiving arts and crafts (from from Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer, Friday, November 11th)
- how to make corn husk doll
You can usually purchase inexpensive corn husks at your local grocery store, and will need to soak them in water previous to this lesson plan. Illustrated instructions are included to make this Thanksgiving corn husk doll.
- how to make a dreamcatcher
Dreamcatchers can vary widely in their artistic interpretations, but they all basically have the same circle hoop and stitching. Find directions here to create a web of simple stitches, tying on feathers and beads to decorate to individual preferences.

Best-ever Thanksgiving (from [LII New This Week] November 10)
Collection of recipes and craft and activity ideas for children related to the celebration of Thanksgiving. Includes recipes for turkey, pies and desserts, side dishes, and leftovers. Craft ideas include decorations, tabletop decor, pilgrim hats, toy canoes, and more. From FamilyFun magazine.
with lots of recipes and you will especially enjoy the video recipes of nice looking pilgrim hat cakes:

A ready-to-use handout
Harvest Ceremony: Beyond the Thanksgiving Myth (from [LII New This Week] November 10)
This document "assists teachers in preparing lessons about the first Thanksgiving. The study guide includes information on which Native peoples met the first European immigrants in 1621, the harvest celebration, the Wampanoag today, the importance of corn, and instructions on how to make Johnny cakes." From the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI).

Facts and figures (from Annie Gwynn)
from the U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Thanksgiving Day Facts and statistics about turkeys, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, holiday shopping, places named Plymouth, and more. Includes quotes and audio clips, and a brief history of the holiday.
a text and a MP3 file to download


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