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- France 24 : la nouvelle chaine d'infos 

France 24, la nouvelle chaine d'infos française, a été lancée la semaine dernière, en français et en anglais. Elle sera bientôt aussi en arabe, et vise à concurrencer CNN, la BBC et Al Jeezera.
La chaine est encore en construction, et pour l'instant ce qui me plait est que l'on peut encore récupérer les vidéos...
Voici deux thèmes que j'ai remarqués : Fooding et Living on the Moon.

On eTeachnet, our colleague F.W. Arbacette recommends this video about fooding (here to improve canteen food), ending with:
"That's 'le fooding' : the French no fool answer to regimented cuisine"
There is no transcript, and the content about fooding isn't very informative, but I think it gives the world an interesting image of the French, especially the man eating and smoking...;)
video: mms://video.france24.com/WB EN MG CULT FOODING V2_400.wmv
To get more information read :
- this article written by an American, Moira Chambers, this summer on the Superchef blog : you find the origin of the word fooding and how it was coined, and also that San Pellegrino is a partner (that's why you see the bottle on the tables) and that it is a free buffet lunch, which explains why the man is standing and eating
- and this article from "France Today" which focuses on the new vocabulary and offers explanations and translations for the new or trendy expression. For example : ringard = fuddy-duddy. (for advanced students and all those who want to keep up with the trend.)
You can also add the documents on this page from Séverine Magnin, including a video extract from a programme featuring Jamie Oliver cooking with Tom Cruise

Living on the Moon
In " The week in review" I found this report "US plan base on the moon" with a video. Interesting to include in a teaching unit about living together in the future, or new technologies...
video: mms://video.france24.com.edgestreams.net/EN NW PKG NASA 23h_400.wmv
To complement this article you can read:
- this article from the BBC : "how to set a base on the moon" (with a nice drawing presenting an oxygen factory)
article : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/4177064.stm
picture: http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/05/magazine_enl_1124808191/img/1.jpg
- and this page from the NASA about "lunar base design" with lots of information, drawings, projects about the lunar base.


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