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– A la Une : Comic Relief and Red Nose Day on March 14th Pour le prof – Une prise de risque en didactique…utile 30 ans plus tard Concours – Agrégation Interne Anglais2003 Primaire – St Patrick’s Day on March 17th Collège – Soundguide Dossier spécial – International Women’s Day on March 8th

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– Time For Kids – Time For Kids Pour le prof – A lire : Anglais et MultiMédia par Olivier Colas – Actualités et TICE en cours d’anglais Primaire – Friendship themes (from Riverdeep’s Classroom Flyer, August 25th) Dossier spécial – “Discover the USA” Webquests

– Preposition Easter egg hunt

Une suggestion d’activité pour présenter Pâques: – les élèves découvrent le concept de chasse aux oeufs – les élèves cherchent les oeufs dissimulés dans la classe – ils expliquent à leurs camarades comment trouver les oeufs, en anglais, en utilisant des prépositions et des des indications de directions.

– 20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes

Can a classroom of twenty students make twenty kites, and be outside flying them in twenty minutes? You betcha! Uncle Jonathan from the Big Wind Kite Factory on the Hawaiian island of Molokai shares the kid-tested instructions he’s been using with tour groups for fifteen years. The kites are folded from 8 1/2 x 11…

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– A la Une : World No Tobacco Day : May 31st Primaire – Busy Box – anglais – cycle 3 – Children’s poetry – Children’s poetry Collège – Une page de ressources très complète Lycée – Music, Art and political concerns Dossier spécial – Online Grammar

– Music, Art and political concerns

A lesson plan The New York Times offers a lesson plan entitled: “Creating Album Covers That Reflect Students’ Political and Social Concerns” An article the lesson is based on the article: “Furor Over Rapper’s Cover-Art Statement”, By NEIL STRAUSS,April 4, 2003 including words like: cameos, depicts, shun, contender, marginalized, diatribe, blunted, rails, payola,…

– Resources from kindergarten educators

Peggy Drake has put together all those precious ideas and resources for early childhood education. You will find there resources and lesson plans ideas which can be used to teach English and points of the curriculum, but also to help the kids to feel unique, considered and cared for. See for example these “me…

– Exercises Bank

Our colleagues from Poitiers offer a bank of exercises for secondary school, which can be useful to those who want their pupils (or students) to practice some grammatical points: (from Francis Mayet)

– A la Une : Elephant by Van Sant, palme d’Or à Cannes

“Elephant” traite des “school shootings” de Columbine High School, ce qui était déjà le sujet du film “Bowling for Columbine” de Mickael Moore, dont le Café Pédagogique vous a parlé dans les n°24 et 25: et Infonews dans son n°162 du 28/09/2002 Dans un des articles : on lit que: “Moore’s film…

– Nobel Prize for Literature

Discover the biography of J. M. Coetzee Wins Nobel Prize for Literature, By ALAN RIDING, in the NYTimes from October 3, 2003: To find out about the other laureates and the history of Nobel prizes, go to the official Nobel site in Sweden:

– Building democracy is not a science

A text and a lesson plan to discuss the future of Iraq in the light of previous such actions by the US. Very interesting for advanced students having already reflected on democracy or interested by the subject.

– Women of the Century: 100 Years of American Heroes

An annotated list of more than four dozen phenomenal American women of the twentieth century “who left an indelible mark on our nation.” Browse decade by decade or in categories of activists, reformers, politics and government, arts, media, space and science, sports, and exploration. ( from LIIWEEK January 23)

– Musique et Chant en classe d’anglais

Jean-S. Sahaï présente aux lecteurs du Café une section de la Page d’anglais et d’agrégation, son travail commencé en 1996 depuis la Guadeloupe. Cette semaine : la section Musique et Chant en classe d’anglais : Pourquoi chanter? Comment chanter? Que chanter? On lira avec délectation l’article d’Alain Nowak qui tire le fil didactique PROSODY, SONG…

– A la Une : The Homies

A lesson plan from the New York Times Modeling Reality : Examining Various Ways in Which Role Models Are Represented : Based on the article : Two-Inch Latino Role Models, for Good or Ill, By JO NAPOLITANO,May 2, 2003 “In this lesson, students identify what a role model is and what characteristics such…

– Learning activities

This page offers ideas of activities for young homeschoolers : how to increase their vocabulary, make them learn number by memorising friends’ phone numbers and using the phone, learn shapes while making sandwiches, or practice reading on cereal boxes and othe familiar objects, encourage reflexion, guessing ,deducing, and explaining how they proceeded. All these ides…

– New Energies knowledge hunt

Frédéric Chotard has created a knowledge hunt (simplified webquest) with a very interesting process. The sources are in pdf, and intentionallly limited, but the required level is (according to him) not too high, and can be used from the last year of lower secondary school onward. Les collègues qui cherchent des sujets pour TPE et…

– Children’s poetry

Notre collègue Evelyne Vittoz, de l’académie d’Amiens, a sélectionné des sites de poésie pour enfants à la demande d’une collègue de la liste e-teach qui recherchait des idées de poèmes en anglais pour des élèves de CM1. Elle a découvert des sites qui peuvent nous être bien utiles à tous, en primaire, voire en maternelle,…

– Learning styles and MI theory

If you haven’t heard about Howard Gardner’s Multiple intelligence theory, or if you haven’t had time yet to really get into it, here is a site to start : you will find information about the theory, and also ideas of how this theory can apply to your teaching. The address given in the article for…

– A la Une : World No Tobacco Day : May 31st

A l’occasion de la journée internationale sans tabac, le 31 mai, vous pourrez faire réfléchir vos élèves à ce problème auquel ils sont souvent assez sensible.Voici des sites à leur faire explorer, ou sur lesquels vous pourrez trouver des ressources. No Tobacco Day on Infonews une page que mes élèves explorent – pour trouver le…